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25/09/2014 - Yenista Launches New Test Instruments

Yenista Optics a leading manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment releases two new test instruments and upgrades its Optical Spectrum Analyzer with dedicated modes to test EDFA’s and PON network, burst signals. The new instruments are a Passive Component Tester operating from 1240 to 1680 nm and a range of bandwidth adjustable Tunable Filters.

The CT400 Passive Component Tester combines with Yenista’s tunable lasers to create a complete swept-wavelength measurement system. It has a 1 pm wavelength resolution and 5 pm wavelength accuracy. A single wavelength sweep achieves a 65 dB dynamic range with a typical measurement time of 3.5 seconds. Models are available to cover any wavelength in the 1240 to 1680 nm range. The CT400 can also be integrated with external power or current meters to enable characterization of both high port count devices and integrated silicon photonic components.

The new XTA-50 Tunable Filter builds on Yenista’s lead in tunable filter technology. It provides a new touch screen user interface and Ethernet communication. The XTA-50 is available in four models covering the O, S, C and L wavelength bands and with bandwidths from 32 pm (4 GHz) to 5 nm.

Yenista released its OSA20 Optical Spectrum Analyzer in March this year. Additional functions to measure the Gain and Noise Figure of optical amplifiers (EDFA’s) have now been added. The OSA20 has the highest optical rejection ratio (ORR) of any grating based instrument a parameter which enables accurate Noise Figure measurements even with closely spaced DWDM signals. A dedicated “burst signal” mode has also been added to accurately measure the spectrum in PON networks irrespective of duty cycle (1 to 100%).