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BKR: Variable Reflector

OSICS BKR Data Sheet OSICS BKR Data Sheet

The BKR module integrates a variable reflector that can be set from 3 to 55 dB and operates throughout a large wavelength range. The OSICS BKR emulates reflectance that normally occurs from all optical interfaces within fiber optic systems. It is the perfect tool in R&D to test prototypes and see how their operation is affected by undesired back-reflection. It could also be used in large PON/WDM test-bed to stress transmitters and receivers in the system.

Main Features

Wavelength range
1250–1650 nm
1240-1520 nm
Reflectance range
Up to 55 dB
Calibrated range
Up to 40 dB
at 1310 nm and 1550 nm
Reflectance accuracy (typ.)*1
±0.3 dB
Insertion loss (IL)
≤ 4 dB (3 dB typ.)
Reflection setting resolution*2
0.02 dB
Polarization dependent loss
0.2 dB
0.1 second / 3 dB (typ.)
Maximum input power
0.2 W (+23 dBm)
Optical connectors
FC-APC on SMF-28

All specifications are tested at 23°C +/- 2°C; optical connector included.
*1: Inside calibrated range and up to 35 dB.
*2: From 1 to 10 dB; 0.1 dB for 10 to 40 dB.


- Simulation of cumulated fiber reflection (PON, WDM systems)
- Component testing (transmitters, receivers, laser diode, isolator…)
- Laser development and production
- OTDR testing

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