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TUNICS T100R: Industry Leading Specifications

TUNICS T100R Data Sheet TUNICS T100R Data Sheet

The TUNICS T100R is a reliable laser for 24/7 use. It combines high output power with ultra-low SSE and has wavelength accuracy of 5 pm. At present, one model is available covering the principal telecommunication bands.

Main Features

- Sweeping and stepping operations
- Sweep speed up to 100 nm/s
- Mode-hop free by active control
- Tuning range up to 160 nm
- Ultra-low SSE > 95 dB
- External cavity: narrow linewidth
- Resolution down to 1 pm


- Fiber optic transmission testing
- Passive optical component testing
- Optical amplifier testing
- Thin film growth monitoring
- Optical alignment
- Fiber optic sensors
- Spectroscopy
- Interferometry
- Photonic material characterization

Related Products

When used in conjunction with Yenista OpticsCT400 component tester, the TUNICS lasers allow accurate insertion characterization in real time.

Yenista Optics offers SMF and PMF patchcords with FC/PC and FC/APC connectors compatible with the instruments.

Yenista Optics’ accessories include handles for mounting a laser in a 19-inch rack. The handles can also be used for carrying the laser.