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Tunable Lasers from 1240 to 1680 nm

Yenista Optics’s tunable lasers all benefit from large wavelength ranges and high output power. Our patented external cavity laser design ensures narrow linewidth and active mode-hop free operation. Depending on your application and needs, you can choose between two laser families: benchtop or compact.

OFC 2013 Presentation: The New T100S-HP Lasers and T100 Modules

Benchtop TUNICS Lasers

Yenista Optics presents a complete family of benchtop tunable lasers covering the wavelength range from 1240 to 1680 nm. They are known under the brand name: TUNICS. All benchtop laser sources can be used in sweeping as well as stepping operation.

The TUNICS technology was developed in CNET (France Telecom research center) and transferred to Photonetics that introduced the first lasers in 1992. This laser became rapidly the reference on the test and measurement market. Today, Yenista Optics is leading the way with its T100 technology offering the next generation of TUNICS lasers combining high output power with ultra-low SSE.

Yenista Optics offers a complete range of tunable lasers including:

- TUNICS T100S-HP: a tunable laser with ultra-low SSE and high-power over the whole wavelength range!
- TUNICS T100R: a tunable laser with industry leading specifications

Compact Tunable Laser Modules

For applications that only require stepping operation, Yenista offers compact tunable lasers in the form of modules that fit in the OSICS platform. Three different module types are available: TLS-AG are transmission lasers tunable over C- or L-band whereas T100 are external cavity lasers tunable over a range of typically 80 nm. For more detailed information, please go to our Multifunction Platform section.