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The Largest Portfolio of Benchtop Tunable Filters on the Market

Yenista’s optical filters are wavelength tunable and bandwidth adjustable. They will provide you with unsurpassed performance whatever your application or goal.

The use of bulk optics in combination with diffraction gratings leads to high selectivity, low insertion losses and dispersion.

Yenista’s tunable filters are perfect tools for numerous studies and applications such as channel selection for bit error rate testing, analysis of sub-band of complex modulation formats, new modulation formats (40 Gbps and 100 Gbps), channel spacing reduction, WDM-PON, DWDM systems testing, amplification analysis, cascaded ROADM emulation, OFDM, active component and module testing, transponders testing, etc.

Yenista Optics offers a complete portfolio of tunable filters including:

- XTA-50: automatic ultra-selective filters with narrow bandwidth
- XFA: automatic ultra-selective filters with fixed narrow bandwidth
- XTM-50: manual ultra-selective filters with narrow bandwidth