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Fiber Optic Test Systems

The OSICS Multifunction Platform is well-suited for building test benches. Yenista Optics proposes two integrated test systems based on the OSICS platform and a passive rack with a Multiplexer/Demultiplexer:

- OSICS-FBL: Full-band tunable laser from 1260 to 1680 nm (step mode)

- OSICS-WDM: WDM comb of 8 transmission lasers (DFB or TLS-AG). A MUX/DEMUX for N channels is also part of the solution.

The FBL full-band tunable laser is the most cost-effective tunable laser that covers the full telecom wavelength from the O- to the U-band. It is used by our customers for lab applications as well as a test tool in manufacturing.

The WDM comb is generally part of a DWDM transmission test-bed or an amplifier test bench: a number of lasers is multiplexed to simulate a loaded DWDM system. A 40-channel system is shown in the picture below. It consists of 40 DFB modules that are all connected by jumpers to a 40-channel multiplexer/demultiplexer.

Yenista Optics has built a wide variety of test benches based on the OSICS platform. We can help you with you our test systems. Please, contact us for your specific requirements.