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TUNICS T100S-HP: High-Power Tunable Lasers

TUNICS T100S-HP Data Sheet TUNICS T100S-HP Data Sheet

The complete portfolio of the TUNICS T100S-HP features 6 tunable lasers. They have been explicitly named after the wavelength tuning bands that are covered:

TUNICS T100S-HP Models

The /O and /CL lasers have 10 dBm minimum output power and are dedicated to the main telecom applications.
The /O+, /ES, /SCL and /CLU lasers have 8 dBm minimum output power and the largest wavelength ranges available on the market, making it possible to cover the full telecom wavelength band from 1240 to 1680 nm at 8 dBm with just 3 lasers! This is done by combining the /O+, /ES and /CLU lasers.

The TUNICS T100S-HP offers the most advanced and cost effective solution for all R&D and Manufacturing environments. Important innovations have been implemented that enable extension of the wavelength range and increase of the output power without any compromise on other specifications of the T100S. It guarantees a signal to source spontaneous emission ratio (SSSER) higher than 90 dB.

Main Features

- Power ≥ 8 dBm / Peak ≥ 13 dBm
- Dynamic range higher than 90 dB
- Tuning range up to 200 nm
- Wavelength accuracy ± 20 pm
- Sweeping & Stepping operations


- Fiber optic transmission testing
- Passive optical component testing
- Optical amplifier testing
- Thin film growth monitoring
- Optical alignment
- Fiber optic sensors
- Spectroscopy
- Interferometry
- Photonic material characterization

Previous Model

The TUNICS T100S, predecessor of the TUNICS T100S-HP, is still available:

TUNICS T100S Data Sheet TUNICS T100S Data Sheet

Related Products

When used in conjunction with Yenista OpticsCT440 component tester, the TUNICS lasers allow accurate insertion characterization in real time.

Yenista Optics offers SMF and PMF jumpers with FC/PC and FC/APC connectors compatible with the instruments.

Yenista Optics’ accessories include handles for mounting a laser in a 19-inch rack. The handles can also be used for carrying the laser.