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Passive Optical Component Testers

Yenista Optics’s product portfolio includes two types of passive optical component testers:

Benchtop Instrument

The CT440 & CT440-PDL are compact all-in-one testers for IL & PDL spectral characterization of passive optical components.

To match different applications, five models are available:

- CT440: IL over 1240–1680 nm for SMF components
- CT440/PM13: IL over 1260–1360 nm for PMF components
- CT440/PM15: IL over 1440–1640 nm for PMF components
- CT440-PDL/PM13: IL & PDL over 1260–1360 nm for SMF components
- CT440-PDL/PM15: IL & PDL over 1440–1640 nm for SMF components

Modular Platform

The CTP10 is a modular measurement platform for efficient testing of passive components that can handle up to 4 DUTs simultaneously.
It is well suited for heavy duty test set-ups and for components such as WSS and PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuits); the platform modularity allows customers to tailor the set-up to their exact needs. It has an embedded PC and therefore requires only an external screen. For more information please contact us.
Product available Q2-2018.

A component tester is operated with one or more tunable lasers.

TUNICS lasers are designed to integrate with Yenista’s passive component testers to provide a complete fast swept-wavelength test system.
Both testers are provided with a GUI software and a link library enabling customers to make their own test software.