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OSICS Mainframe

OSICS Mainframe Data Sheet OSICS Mainframe Data Sheet

The OSICS mainframe can host up to eight pluggable modules for matching your particular test applications. It is easy-to-use thanks to the front panel interface that offers direct control of the 8 modules. Moreover, the mainframe is reliable and cost effective for laboratory use as well as for 24/7 use in manufacturing plants.

The front panel interface of the mainframe comprises a display and spinner knob allowing easy navigation in the module tabs. They enable fast setup and control of the parameter values. During normal operation, the parameters of all the modules are displayed simultaneously in the main tab and updated in real-time.

Connectors for remote operation are located at the back panel of the mainframe: USB-B for RS-232 communication, GPIB for IEEE 488 communication and SubD-9 for interlock. There are also 18 BNC connectors for different purposes.The first is for synchronization of the mainframe and the second for application of an external modulation signal to the mainframe. In addition, there are two BNC connectors per module: one for monitoring of power, current, and temperature and the other for an analog modulation output signal. Such a pair is only operating if supported by the pluggable module.