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12/08/2011 - New OSICS Module, the Variable Back Reflector

Yenista Optics, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment, has further expanded its multi-channel OSICS platform with a new Variable Back Reflector module. The "OSICS BKR" module provides a controllable back reflection of up to 55dB over the 1250 nm to 1650 nm wavelength range.

Back reflection or return loss is an intrinsic parameter in all optical systems which occurs as a result of Rayleigh scattering in optical fibers and due to the mismatch of refractive indices within optical components. Poor or open connectors are also significant contributors. Managing return loss and testing components and systems under a range of operating conditions is an important part of system design and validation. The "OSICS BKR" provides a simple solution. Further, it can be integrated with other test instruments such as light sources, optical switches and variable attenuators as part of the multi-channel OSICS platform. The modules can be controlled either manually or via the GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.

David Heard, Sales and Marketing Manager commented, "The OSICS platform is widely used throughout the fiber optics industry. Adding additional modules provides our customers with a cost effective upgrade without changing the platform and control software with which they are familiar. The module is particularly useful to stress transceivers for return loss sensitivity measurements and for PON system testing where open connectors are an issue."