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OSICS Multifunction Platform

The OSICS multifunction modular platform offers the highest flexibility and largest choice of pluggable modules required in fiber-optic component and system testing, particularly for DWDM system evaluations.

Up to eight pluggable modules can be mixed and matched in a single OSICS mainframe, thus fulfilling all needs for applications requiring, for example, multi-wavelength sources.

OSICS features a complete line of modules including:

Compact Tunable Lasers:
- OSICS T100: Ultra-low SSE tunable external cavity lasers (step mode)

Compact Transmission Lasers:
- OSICS TLS-AG: Narrow linewidth tunable lasers for coherent transmission
- OSICS DFB: Distributed feedback laser diodes for DWDM, CWDM and LANWDM transmission

Broadband Light Sources:
- OSICS SLD: Superluminescent light emitting diodes

Passive Optical Functions:
- OSICS SWT, OSICS SWT-APC: Optical shutters and switches
- OSICS ATN-HP: High power optical attenuators
- OSICS BKR: Variable back reflectors

Yenista also offers Test Systems based on the OSICS platform:

- OSICS-FBL: Full band tunable laser from 1260 to 1680 nm (step mode)
- OSICS-WDM: WDM comb of 8 transmission lasers (DFB or TLS-AG) with a Mux/Demux

You can download our complete OSICS catalog here:

OSICS Catalogue OSICS Catalogue