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Sets up its Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai.


Enhances OSA20 with a complete suite of analysis functions for a wide variety of applications (PON, Recirculating Loop Transmission, EDFA, ...).

Moves its North American office to California.


Opens two Customer Support Centers: one in Shanghai, China and the other in Singapore.

Launches OSA20, its first Optical Spectrum Analyzer based on its market leading filter technology.


Launches the High Power version of its TUNICS T100S tunable lasers: TUNICS T100S-HP.

Adds two new options to its tunable filters XTA-50 and XTM-50: the /W wide and the /U ultrafine options.


Establishes its North American office in the USA.

Adds a range of new modules to the OSICS platform.


Releases the ultra-selective XTx tunable filters, XTA-50 and XTM-50.


Yenista Optics and Anritsu agree to transfer a selection of optical instruments and technology to Yenista. The transfer includes the TUNICS tunable lasers and the OSICS multifunction platform.

Introduces the unique T100 Tunable Laser Technology: high output power in combination with ultra-low SEE.

Releases the TUNICS T100R tunable laser.


Releases the WSA-160, a tunable filter with adjustable bandwidth.
Invests in the expansion of its manufacturing capacity.


Releases the WS40, its first tunable filter.
Publishes a post-deadline paper on all optical 2R regeneration at OFC.


Starts developing the fiber optic test and measurement equipment based on free-space optical systems.


Achieves high-performance dispersive free-space optical systems.


Releases its first products, focusing lensed fibers with a long working distance.


Michiel van der Keur and Alain Poudoulec found Yenista Optics.
The company starts with R&D on efficient fiber optic coupling and dispersive free-space optical systems based on diffraction gratings.