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Innovation & Expertise

Yenista Optics’ business model is based on technology and innovation. All critical steps are mastered in-house which enables Yenista to continuously improve existing products and develop new products within a short timescale. This also makes Yenista a reliable OEM partner.

T100 Tunable Laser Technology

Competitors offer tunable lasers with either high output power or low SSE whereas Yenista Optics offers tunable lasers that combine high output power with ultra-low SSE thanks to its unique patented T100 Technology. Moreover, mode-hop free sweeping operation is performed by active control.

At present, the company proposes the technology in three different types of tunable lasers: TUNICS T100R, TUNICS T100S-HP, OSICS T100 module.

Tunable Filter Technologies

Yenista Optics’ filters have the most advanced specifications in the world. They are based on a fiber coupled free-space optical system that includes at least one diffraction grating. Depending on the filter type, the grating is operated in either a Littrow or a Littman Metcalf configuration.

At present, the company proposes the XTA-50, XTM-50 and XFA filters. All are tunable with wavelength and XTx filters have an adjustable bandwidth. The bandwidth of the XFA is factory set to a value in the 50 to 800 pm range chosen by the customer. The XTx filter family is characterized by steep edges (down to 800 dB/nm) and a very narrow minimum bandwidth (down to 32 pm).

Intellectual Property

The company carefully protects its technology and products. Today, Yenista Optics owns over twenty French patents that have been extended to cover Europe, Japan, USA and Canada. New patents have been submitted to protect the most recent innovations.