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OSICS FBL Data Sheet OSICS FBL Data Sheet

From 1260 nm to 1680 nm, Yenista Optics’ OSICS FBL provides full telecom band coverage for the O, E, S, C, L and U bands in a single compact unit.

With 0 dBm guaranteed power over the entire tuning range, the FBL is the ideal tool for testing CWDM and WDM passive and active components.

The full-band laser is made of four T100 modules and one optical switch featuring Automatic Power Control (SWT-APC). The modules are high-performance External Cavity based on Yenista’s TUNICS technology which leads to excellent optical power and wavelength stability.

With a modular approach, users buy only the wavelength range they need today and keep the ability to extend it later on.

The FBL fits inside the classical 8-slot modular OSICS platform, a compact 3U format ideal for Research & Development and production testing.

The remaining free slots could be utilized for any of the other OSICS modules, such as DFBs, TLS modules or additional T100 modules.

Main Features

Wavelength Tuning range
1260 to 1680 nm
Setting resolution
0.01 nm
Absolute accuracy
±0.2 nm
±0.01 nm typical
±0.01 nm/h (±0.01 nm/24h typical)
Tuning speed
10 nm/s
Power Output power over full tuning range
> 0 dBm
Power accuracy*3
±0.2 dB
Spectrum Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR)*4
> 45 dB
Signal to Source Spontaneous
Emission Ratio (SSSER)*5
> 90 dB/0.1 nm typical

All specifications are given after 60 minutes warm-up, and apply for wavelengths not equal to any water absorption line.
*1: At constant temperature.
*2: Measured at 0 dBm output power.
*3: Not calibrated above 1660 nm.
*4: Includes suppression of the output of non-selected laser modules.
*5: Measured over a 0.1 nm bandwidth ±1 nm from the signal.