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Tunable Filters


Yenista proposes the most advanced tunable filters available on the market. The XT filters are the reference tool for precise filtering of a channel or even a subdivision of a channel thanks to their adjustable bandwidth in combination with steep edges. Versions are available covering all the key telecom wavelength from 1260 nm to 1650 nm and bandwidths from 32 pm (4 GHz) to 5 nm. All filters have low insertion loss and polarization dependent loss.

Tunable Lasers


The TUNICS series provides high performance tunable lasers in the range from 1240 to 1680 nm. Thanks to Yenista’s unique patented T100 technology, lasers combine high output power with ultra-low SSE. The T100R and T100S models are mode-hop free and can be used in sweeping as well as stepping operation. The TUNICS T100S-HP range features 6 high-power tunable lasers offering a minimum of 8 dBm output power. Together with the CT400, the TUNICS lasers are the perfect solution for fast testing of passive components.

Optical Spectrum Analyzer


The OSA20 is a diffraction-grating based instrument that operates from 1250 to 1700 nm. It is the first instrument of its type to use a touch sensitive display with multi-touch gesture control. The instrument has been designed for both R&D and production environments. Rapid scans of up to 2000 nm/s combine with a 20 pm wavelength resolution bandwidth, high performance monochromator and sampling every 2 pm to achieve very fast, ultra-precise spectral measurements.