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CTP10: Component Test Platform

Product available Q1 2018.
The CTP10 is a modular measurement platform for efficient testing of passive components in 24/7 operation. It features parallel measurement by handling up to 4 DUTs simultaneously.

Next-gen Platform & Modules

The CTP10 mainframe hosts up to 10 modules that are hot swappable. It has an embedded system for handling and processing huge amounts of data.

The following modules are available:
- IL RL OPM2: Insertion Loss and Return Loss measurement system with two Optical Power Meters.
- SCAN SYNC: optical sampling of swept wavelength lasers at 100 MHz resolution
- OPMx: Optical Power Meters (x= 2, 4 or 6)

Fastest Swept & Stepped IL & RL

The CTP10 outperforms all existing instruments for IL & RL measurement. It offers a dynamic range of 70 dB in a single sweep for a tunable laser speed at 100 nm/s with 10 dBm output power.

The power meter electronics has no slew rate issues: it can handle a filter slope of 10,000 dB/nm at a 100 MHz wavelength sampling resolution.

Moreover, small IL ripple is accurately determined thanks to a power sampling resolution of 0.1 mdB.

Powerful Intuitive GUI

The embedded software offers a powerful and intuitive GUI that can be displayed on 2 screens: one for the graphical configuring of the test set-up and the other for display and analysis of the measurements.

Once graphically and physically configured, the test set-up is immediately ready for making measurements.

Main Features

- Wavelength range: 1240–1680 nm
- Wavelength accuracy: ±2 pm typ.
- Wavelength sampling rate: 1 μs/sample
- Sampling on electrical & optical triggers
- Dynamic range: 70 dB in a single sweep
- IL & RL slope detection: >1 dB/μs
- Power meter range: -90 to +11 dBm
- Power sampling resolution: 0.1 mdB
- Up to 60 power meters simultaneously
- Speed: 1 Msps per power meter

For more details, please contact the Sales team.