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BOSA: Hi-Res Optical Spectrum Analyzer

BOSA 100 Brochure BOSA 100 Brochure

The BOSA is a stimulated Brillouin scattering based optical spectrum analyzer.

BOSA 100 + T100S-HP

Yenista has partnered with Aragon Photonics Labs to offer its customers an excellent Hi-Res OSA that perfectly combines with its T100S-HP lasers, both having the highest dynamic range available on the market. In the set-up, the BOSA 100 operates with Yenista’s tunable laser through GPIB and a Trigger.

Analysis of Modulation Formats and Laser Lines

The Hi-Res OSA is well suited for analysis of complex modulation formats such as PAM4 for datacenters and PolMux QAM and PSK for Metro & Long-Haul Coherent Systems. Extension options are available for polarization analysis and phase measurements. The Hi-Res OSA is also well adapted to the characterization of laser devices such as accurate distance between side modes, SMSR and chirp.

Key Features

- O- and CL-band models
- Wavelength resolution: 10 MHz
- Wavelength accuracy: 2 pm
- Dynamic range: 80 dB spurious-free

Related Products

The BOSA perfectly combines with TUNICS T100S-HP lasers.

Other BOSA models

The BOSA 400 is equivalent to the BOSA 100 with respect to specifications, but it is fully standalone. The tunable laser is integrated in the BOSA benchtop which limits the number of options that can be integrated.

BOSA 400 Brochure BOSA 400 Brochure

BOSA Lite and BOSA Lite+ are cost effective Hi-Res OSAs. The specifications are slightly reduced compared to BOSA100 and BOSA400

BOSA Lite & Lite+ Brochure BOSA Lite & Lite+ Brochure