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11/04/2017 - Yenista Unveils Optical Component Test Platform

Yenista Optics has developed the CTP10, a next-generation platform for the rapid testing of passive optical components such as Photonic Integrated Circuits and Wavelength Selective Switches. The CTP10 mainframe hosts up to 10 hot swappable modules and contains embedded software for configuring the desired test set-up. The GUI displays the graphs and analysis results simultaneously on two external screens.

The platform has been designed for heavy duty measurements in both R&D and production environments. It covers the wavelength range from 1240 to 1680 nm and features the capability of testing 4 devices independently at the same time. A single wavelength scan with an external tunable laser provides insertion loss and return loss with a dynamic range of 70 dB. The power meters of the platform enable accurate characterization of small ripple (0.1 mdBm/µs) and steep edges (> 1 dB/µs) for high-end filters and micro-resonators with slopes of up to 10,000 dB/nm.

“With the CTP10 we have achieved an exponential increase in performance. The platform has an unprecedented capacity of handling and analyzing huge volumes of measurement data. It can host up to 60 power meters acquiring data at 1 Msps per power meter.” said David Heard, Yenista’s Sales Director. “The GUI is also impressive. It draws on the philosophy of our OSA20 Optical Spectrum Analyzer and focuses on the application rather than the instrument - setting up measurements and analyzing results is now simple and intuitive.”

In March, the CTP10 was successfully showcased for the first time in a live demonstration at the OFC 2017 exhibition. The product will start shipping in Q4 2017.

27/02/2017 - Aragon Photonics Labs and Yenista Optics sign Partnership

Aragon Photonics and Yenista Optics, both manufacturers of fiber optic test and measurement equipment, have signed a partnership agreement to collaborate on high resolution optical spectrum analysis equipment. The companies will work together on next-generation technology, business development, sales and customer support. The first step of the cooperation is the interoperability of Aragon’s BOSA 100 high resolution optical spectrum analyzer and Yenista’s T100S-HP tunable laser.

The companies believe that putting to work the synergies of their respective technologies will enable more advanced test equipment for the demanding fiber optic test & measurement market, in particular, high spectral resolution measurements that include polarization and phase information. These measurements are of paramount importance in the characterization of complex modulation formats such as PAM4 for datacenters and PolMux QAM and PSK for Metro & Long-Haul Coherent Systems. The technology will also benefit the characterization of laser devices as side-mode spacing, SMSR and chirp can be accurately measured.

“At Aragon, we are thrilled to join forces with a great company such as Yenista in developing and promoting high-performance optical test equipment,” said Asier Villafranca, CEO of Aragon, “We believe this cooperation will bring us a step further in the photonic test & measurement industry.”

“This partnership is an important step for Yenista. It enables us to offer Hi-Res OSAs as well as classical OSAs to our customers”, stated Michiel van der Keur, CEO of Yenista Optics, “Moreover, all customers that already own our laser can directly benefit from the interoperability with Aragon’s BOSA100”.

08/02/2017 - Yenista adds LAN WDM lasers to its OSICS platform

Yenista Optics introduces a new module to its transmission laser product line. The OSICS DFB LANWDM is available in four wavelengths: 1295.56, 1300.05, 1304.58 and 1309.14 nm. Wavelength is temperature stabilized and the output power can be set up to 10 dBm.

LAN WDM transceivers are being adopted for LR and ER interconnect transmission of PAM4 based 100GE, 200GE and 400GE. The new OSICS modules enable testing of transceiver components such as modulators, multiplexers and receivers in both R&D and manufacturing. Measurements are repeatable thanks to excellent wavelength and power stabilities: 5 pm and 0.01 dB respectively.

“The OSICS is a reliable platform for 24/7 operation and offers a wide variety of modules for configuring test benches in development and production environments” said Eric Schlafflang, Product Line Manager of Yenista’s OSICS platform. “For our customers testing Silicon Photonic PIC devices, the four DFB LANWDM lasers are a cost-effective alternative to tunable lasers when only a limited tuning range is required”.

Yenista will showcase the OSICS platform with the new DFB LANWDM modules at the PIC International Conference in Brussels on March 7 and 8, 2017.