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16/03/2016 - New Specification for Yenista’s OSICS TLS-AG Tunable Laser

We are pleased to update the specifications of our low cost tunable laser, TLS-AG with an extended wavelength range. These modules now provide output from every ITU grid wavelength, without gap, over the extended C & L-bands. The TLS-AG is one module in our OSICS Platform and is suitable as a source for coherent transmission either as the transmitter or local oscillator. The new wavelength ranges are:

  • C-band: 1527.40 to 1568.57 nm
  • L-band: 1568.77 to 1610.06 nm

Output is through a polarization maintaining fiber with an output power of over 20 mW. Available now with quick delivery! Please contact us for details.

07/03/2016 - Yenista sponsored the PIC International Conference

Yenista Optics was very pleased to sponsor the Photonics Integrated Circuit international conference, held in Brussels at the beginning of this month. PIC International was a global conference that provided complete coverage of the photonic integrated circuit industry with presentations from leading figures from industry and academia. Yenista exhibited two products which have distinct advantages for this field.

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer, OSA20
    As the fastest and most accurate instrument of its type, the OSA20 is an excellent tool for characterizing lasers and active devices. It operates from 1250-1700 nm with a 20 pm resolution. Its specifications are uniform over the full wavelength range, so compared to competitors, it has even bigger advantages when operating outside the telecom C-band.
  • Swept-wavelength measurement system, TUNICS & CT400
    Already used by many groups for characterising passive optical waveguides Yenista’s TUNICS tunable lasers combined with our CT400 Component Tester provides a fast, accurate and affordable solution for device testing. The system is available for any wavelength range within 1240-1680 nm. A polarization maintaining fiber version is now also available. The system achieves a 1 pm resolution, 5 pm wavelength accuracy and a market leading dynamic range of 65 dB with a single scan.

We are now looking forward to the OFC conference where we will have live demonstrations of these products. If you are travelling to Anaheim, please stop at Yenista’s booth, we will be delighted to see you.