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23/09/2015 - Yenista releases Lasers for Testing at CWDM Wavelengths

Yenista Optics announces the release of a series of laser modules for testing at CWDM wavelengths from 1270 nm to 1610 nm, plus additional modules at 1625 nm and 1650 nm. The CWDM modules correspond to the wavelengths used in 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s CLR4 and CWDM4 transceiver modules as well as conventional CWDM systems. The additional modules operate at supervisory channel and OTDR wavelengths.

Conventional CWDM sources are uncooled and can exhibit a drift of up to 6 nm in operating wavelength. This limits their use for test and measurement applications. Yenista’s new modules integrate into its OSICS platform and are stabilized in both wavelength and power. Stability is better than 5 pm and 0.01 dB for wavelength and power respectively. Output power for all modules is controllable from 0.2 to 10 mW.

Yenista’s Sales Director, David Heard commented, “We have been supplying tunable lasers for testing CLR4 and CWDM4 components. Until now, this has been the only option at these wavelengths. These new products provide a lower cost alternative, and in a platform that is already widely used in the industry.”

The OSICS platform will be showcased at the upcoming ECOC exhibition in Valencia, Spain from 27 September to 1 October 2015.

20/03/2015 - Yenista Releases New Optical Test Platform

Yenista Optics has updated its popular OSICS optical test and measurement platform. The new model provides compatibility with existing OSICS modules whilst providing a modern front panel interface together with USB and GPIB control.

OSICS is Yenista’s multi-function test platform supporting modules such as tunable lasers, DFB lasers, optical variable attenuators and optical switches. A cost effective test system can be established by combining available modules. A front panel interface provides convenience for use in research labs, whilst the remote control provides flexibility for automated test stations.

Yenista’s Sales Director, David Heard commented, “The OSICS platform is extremely popular and we have an extensive installed base. The new instrument was developed in response to customer requests; to add additional functionality whilst maintaining compatibility with existing modules.”

The platform will be showcased at the upcoming OFC exhibition at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, USA from 24-26 March.

29/01/2015 - OSA Updated and Ex-demo Unit Sale Announced

OSA20 - New Functions Now Available

Yenista’s OSA20 Optical Spectrum Analyzer has the highest resolution and fastest scan of any instrument of its type available. The latest firmware release has added a number of new functions making it the clear leader for all test applications. New functions include:

  • EDFA Test - provides a simple but comprehensive characterisation of optical amplifiers, such as EDFA’s. It measures the gain, noise figure and noise power. Results are shown both numerically and graphically in real time.
  • Passive Component Test - for characterisation of optical components such as optical filters, isolators and optical fiber.
  • Burst Mode - a dedicated scan mode to test PON networks. It optimizes the scan according to the burst period and provides better accuracy than PON power meters. The algorithms have been extensively tested on GPON, XG-PON1 and XG-PON2.
  • Recirculating Loop Test - in this mode the acquisition is synchronized to a gated input signal. When used in a recirculating loop it provides the fastest measurement at 20pm resolution of any OSA available today.

Ex-Demonstration Unit Sale - 25 to 40 % discount!

Yenista makes a good selection of instruments available for evaluation and for demonstration at customer’s premises and exhibitions. We currently have a number of these units available for purchase at significant discounts. Available "ex-demonstration units" include the TUNICS T100S bench-top tunable lasers, tunable and fixed wavelength DFB lasers from the OSICS platform and our XTA-50 electronic tunable filter. Please email or contact a member of our sales team for further information.