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11/09/2012 - Yenista Optics Unveils a High Power Tunable Laser and a Wide Band Tunable Filter at ECOC

Yenista Optics, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment will introduce a new High Power tunable laser, the TUNICS T100S-HP/CL, and new tunable filters with wide bandwidth adjustment ranges, the XTM-50/W and XTA-50/W, at ECOC 2012 on September 17-19, in Amsterdam. The products will be showcased in live demos at booth #424.

The TUNICS T100S-HP/CL laser provides an output power of at least 10 dBm over the whole tuning range from 1500 to 1630 nm. It guarantees a signal to source spontaneous emission ratio (SSSER) higher than 90 dB. Important innovations in the laser’s external cavity design have been implemented, enabling significant increase in the output power and stability without any compromise on other specifications.

Yenista’s XT-type flat-top optical tunable filter range also welcomes new members with the Wide bandwidth option: XTM-50/W and XTA-50/W (where “W” stands for “wide”). This option increases the maximum achievable bandwidth to 3 nm. It offers bandwidth adjustability from 50 pm (6.25 GHz) to 3000 pm (375 GHz) with very sharp filter edges (500 dB/nm). The filters cover the 1520 to 1570 nm wavelength range and have an insertion loss of less than 5 dB in combination with a top flatness of 0.2 dB.

Yenista Optics XT-type filter range already includes a Standard version with a bandwidth of 50 pm – 800 pm covering the spectral range 1450 – 1650 nm, and an Ultrafine version allowing a bandwidth of 32 pm – 650 pm with very steep edges of 800 dB/nm.

Yenista will also showcase its leading test and measurement equipment at several exhibitions this autumn: AVFOP in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA from September 11-13 and ILOPE in Beijing, China from October 16-18.

07/06/2012 - PMF Option Now Available on Yenista Optics Bandpass Filters

Yenista Optics, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment has added the PMF option on its manual optical tunable bandpass filter, the WSM-160 BP. This option offers an optimized wavelength range over the C-band from 1525 nm to 1570 nm and passband adjustment from 0.25 to 45 nm.

The standard WSM-160 was designed to enable engineers to extract channels with low insertion loss and no signal distortion thanks to its flat-top shape. It is particularly well suited for studying new modulation formats, cascaded ROADMs, high bit rate transmission, pulse shaping, and optical parametric amplification. The PMF option addresses specific needs in new modulation formats where polarization multiplexing is utilized.

This new option is an advanced feature in Yenista Optics’ already very broad range of benchtop tunable filters. Yenista will showcase its filters along with its leading products at several exhibitions this summer: at ICTON in Coventry, United Kingdom from July 2-5; at CIOE in Shenzhen, China from September 6-9; and at ECOC in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 17-19.

23/01/2012 - Yenista Optics Releases Ultra-Narrow Tunable Filter with 4 GHz Bandwidth

Yenista Optics, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment today releases an ultrafine option for its flat-top optical tunable filters, XTM-50/U and XTA-50/U. This option reduces the minimum bandwidth to a market-leading 32 pm or 4 GHz at 1550 nm.

In the development of next generation 100 Gb/s transmission systems, the need for extremely narrow tunable filters has emerged to investigate new modulation formats and their sub-bands. Yenista’s ultrafine option perfectly meets this requirement by providing a higher selectivity to its XT range of filters. The option offers bandwidth adjustability from 32 pm (4 GHz) to 650 pm (80 GHz) and edges of 800 dB/nm - the steepest available on the market! In the standard version, these values are of 50-800 pm and 500 dB/nm respectively. The filters operate in the 1480 to 1620 nm wavelength range and have very low dispersion and loss characteristics.

David Heard, Yenista Optics’ Sales and Marketing Manager for North America says: "Yenista’s filters are designed for the most demanding applications. The high isolation and wide wavelength range surpass all their competitors. Our XT filters are widely respected, particularly, in the telecoms market, and the new ultra-narrow filter will meet the needs of engineers developing new transmission technologies and modulation formats such as OFDM." The filters along with the whole range of Yenista Optics’ test equipment will be showcased from Jan. 24th to 26th 2012 at Photonics West, booth number 4022, in San Francisco, California, USA.